Mega Swim receive many testimonies from happy families and will continue to post here as they become available.

Families SAY…

Tallulah now 26mths old, has been swimming with Meg since she was 10mths old and loves every minute. Last week she fell into our pool, before we got to her she had turned around under water and grabbed for the side of the pool as she came up. We were amazed…and thankful! Meg does an incredible job of teaching the kids life saving skills that work, wrapped up in a whole lot of fun.
 – Emma and Tallulah

Meggie has created a wonderful learning environment where the children are each valued for exactly where they are at. They are encouraged to develop through positive reinforcement and ability appropriate lessons.
It’s more than just swimming lessons. It’s a place to meet friends in a beautiful, warm, supportive setting and learn a valuable skill for life. Water confidence and safety.
Children love the whole farm experience, chickens, lambs and dog. It’s a very special place.
Thanks Meggie for such a great experience.
– Kate

Look no further than Mega Swim!! Meg is amazing (and very professional) at what she does. Her classes are full of learning,enjoyment, laughter, songs and loads of love. She helps not only the children with growing their confidence and skills in the water, but also their parents and caregivers to have confidence in the water with their children too. Thanks Meg for all that you do!
Lots of love xxxxxx
– Edwina

When we first came to Megaswim Georgia had a serious water phobia for a toddler. Meg was gentle and calm with her, and helped her develop into a confident six year old swimmer. Whenever there was a tantrum Meg had excellent respectful behaviour management. It helps that going to pool is an adventure ­ we see chooks, the sheep and spot faeries in the garden. The once scaredy cat in the water is now the mermaid who won’t get out!
­  – Julie

I feel so much more confident with my 7 month old in the water since starting classes. In our orientation Meggy explained everything clearly (and slowly…and repeated it when we forgot!), showed my husband and I how to hold the baby correctly, enter and exit a pool safely, all of which made us feel safe in the class. She is so supportive and friendly, so the class dynamic is lovely. There is so much more than just swimming ­ her advice on water safety in open water, sun safety, and water play at home has been great. We are very impressed.The 7 month old is pretty impressed too, as the excited arm flapping starts as soon as we walk down the pool path.
­ – Caitlin

Our 7 month old loves going to Meg’s every week and is visibly becoming more confident in the water. Since we started, Meg has been very encouraging which has made me feel more confident as a father.
­ – Niek


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