Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers

Classes are held every morning Monday to Friday

All the baby and toddler classes are small groups, so you are assured to be updated and facilitated each week. Skills and activities are designed to educate, build confidence for both parent and child as well as stimulate positive reactions.
The emphasis of this program is safety and survival. This is a nurturing time with lots of reassurance given with sound knowledge to back it up. Babies as young as 3 months can join infants aquatic classes with their parent/carer.

The benefits of early childhood swimming is well documented and surveyed. Make sure your baby toddler teacher is certified, up to date and current with the latest techniques to educate you with your infant.
Mega Swim is happy to answer any queries you may have in regards to your first swimming lesson with your baby or toddler.

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3 to 8 months  –  the baby

Babies and babies’ parents like a relaxed atmosphere at this level. It is important that the routine is not too rigid as everyone needs to be given time to adapt to their new environment. The parent/caregiver is facilitated professionally by the baby toddler teacher to ensure a positive water educational experience.


8 to 15 months  –  the mobile baby

We are now more mobile so our class is developed to suit these needs. We can clap, splash, crawl, paddle, kick, wave, back float and even hold the wall. We are growing teeth and some days we are not as cheerful as others. We have great contact with our teacher, though at times we are now a little clingy to our parent/carer.


15 to 22 months  –  the toddler

We love jumping in the water, walking on the mat, submerging and wading. We are learning to monkey on the wall and climb out of the pool. We don’t like laying on our back too much and we are struggling to get our words out, but we know what we do and don’t want. Lucky our teacher knows us and the things we love.


22 to 32 months  –  the mobile toddler

Yep, that’s us! We are now up and running. Catch us if you can. We have a wild imagination, lucky our teacher has as well. We can be stubborn and a little testing, but our teacher doesn’t seem to notice (or does she?). We are familiar with games, toys, skills and activities, we are really confident and love swimming lesson. However if at this age we have just starting swimming we can be quite cautious. Just as well our teacher has put us in the correct class for our skill level.


32 months and up  –  this is the transitional toddler

Wow, lucky our teacher has crowd control because we are super fish and just want to swim by ourselves everywhere all the time. We are adventurous, active, familiar and fearless. Our parent/carer now start to take a bit of a back step and we are letting our teacher take the reins. Much to our parent/carer’s relief. On the other hand if just starting swimming we can be nervous, unsure, cautious and need lots of TLC. We need routine and familiarity as well as baby steps to ensure our time in the water is a positive, caring and loving experience with our parent/carer and teacher. Once again the importance of the correct class is paramount at this level.